Stand building and stand design


Work Flow

“We support you throughout the whole process”

At Mac Group we accompany you before, during and after the fair, congress or corporate event, taking care of everything from the smallest detail to any issue that might arise.

We listen to all of the needs and wishes that our clients express from the first meeting to the completion of the project. We create an accurate and exhaustive briefing of the work that we will develop. Once the briefing has been approved, our technical and design departments start working on the drawings and renders. Their work is always based on realistic, safe and appropriate technical specifications that help to achieve the desired results.

We contact the events venue and give our support in managing services directly with them. For example: rigging points, power supply, internet connectivity, etc.

Once the project is approved we begin the process of purchasing the materials organizing all of the elements involved in it.

We complete the construction of the stand and the handover of the keys in a professional and timely manner. We then remain available during the exhibition or event, just in case, the assistants of the project managers should be required.

Once the exhibition or event has ended, we continue our work by dismantling, recovering and storing any materials required by our client.

When talking about a corporate event, the process would be similar, and keeping above all our support and presence while it takes place.

Complete control of all the steps throughout the design and construction of the stand or corporate event processes.

Technical follow-up of the building process by our project managers.
Hard-working, committed and professional define how our teams are and work.

Steps we follow:

Client’s briefing
During the first meeting with the client, we develop an exhaustive briefing which includes all the needs and requirement related with its corporate brand image.

Design of a stands or corporate event
Taking into account the client’s brief our team then elaborate the drawings and renders, and select the materials before presenting the design of the stand or event to the client.

Construction only
We are also experts in the construction of your own design. We can develop technical drawings into the real stand or corporate event.

All of the elements needed for the construction of the stand or corporate event are built under the supervision of our technical department.

Building the stand or corporate event
We employ specialists for each area of the construction process of the stand or corporate event.

The day before the exhibition starts, we handover the stand or corporate event to the client.

We are on-hand to offer our support through the exhibition.

As soon as the exhibition or corporate event finishes we begin the dismantling process.

Storage of reusable elements
We recover and store any elements that might been needed for future events and stands.