Stand building and stand design



“Our goal: To deliver above your expectations”

Mac Group is a company headquartered in Barcelona with over 25 years of experience building and designing bespoke and ephemeral architecture for exhibitions, corporate live events and congresses. Our team is composed of experts in each one of the areas required for business development and the production of stands and corporate events.

Our team will support you before, during and after your project, helping to solve any unexpected issues that may occur.

We provide integral solutions and 360º turn-key projects. We take care to follow all the steps that are needed for the proper development of each project we manage. We understand each client, and the sector he comes from, has specific and different conditions. Therefore, before we start work on the project, we analyze all aspects to establish the right and most suitable way to work. Our goal is to achieve the best results whilst exceeding expectations.

During the construction and design of a stand or event, we take care of any single detail for every single project.

You can count on Mac Group to provide everything you are looking for. The perfect partner who understands your needs and brings you the most appropriate solution. Mac Group strives to give you the best service possible.

What does Mac Group offer you?

  • We will incorporate your brand image into the design and cover all your needs within the available exhibition space.
  • We will guarantee a personal service. You will be assigned a Project Manager who will be solely responsible for your account throughout the entire design and building process of your stand or corporate event.
  • We will offer a complete service covering everything from the design to the dismantling, including the production and building of the stand or planning a corporate event.
  • We will handle the logistics and services related to the venue for example: Health & safety certificates, rigging points, power supply, internet connection, etc.
  • We will keep you up-to-date on all the progress being done.
  • Your Project Manager will coordinate all the teams involved in the construction and design of the stand or corporate event.
  • Our attention to detail allows us to quickly resolve any issues that may arise and provide the best possible solution.