6 September 2019

Trade fairs & Exhibitions. How have they changed?

6 September 2019

Trade fairs already existed in ancient civilizations as old as the Egyptian, Greek or Roman, but the concept has been changing over the centuries, adapting to the economical and business needs of each period. For exhibition stand builders it’s highly important to understand the concept of an exhibition of every era in order to see where is the exhibition stand builders industry going. Everything points that exhibition stand design and build will increase its technological, sustainable and dynamic side, but what changes are we talking about?

In the following post we’ll talk about how the fair concept has changed during the different decades and how this evolution has influenced to exhibition stand builders and the industry. Also we’ll see where the trade fairs and events of the future are heading. Are you ready?

The objective of fairs and exhibitionsFrom a historical point of view, the fair concept has been changing constantly until it became what it is today, a unique communication and customer relationship development tool. Fairs and events are a dynamic instrument that can change according to the socio-economic needs of each moment. As professional exhibition stand builders we consider the fairs a commercial event that is held periodically and condensed in a few days, concentrating the supply and demand of a particular economic sector. For exhibition stand design and build this periodicity, the appearance and immediate disappearance of the architectural and structural elements, is essential. If we look at the past we will see that back in the medieval fairs there was a primary need that consisted in taking the attention of visitors and getting them closer to the product in different ways. Obviously, we can’t talk about exhibition stand design at that time, but we can start seeing a certain degree of organization in order to attract the audience by presenting the products in the most colorful, innovative and surprising way. Exhibition stand design and build is the way to achieve success in this area. However, the emergence of the internet and the last advances in computer science and technology applied to exhibition stand design and build has made the conception of the fairs so advanced and futurist. The exhibition spaces have been expanded due to virtual interactive applications and new communication that didn’t exist before.

 The communication is the key

Exhibition stands design and build is made thinking about the communication between the brand and its audience, including meeting rooms, free connection points, cafes or chilling areas with comfortable sofas where the visitor can have a snack and relax, interactive screens, applications and devices that allow the public to participate and test the product or service, etc. The objective of exhibition stand builders for trade fairs today is to create a link with the client in a more natural and spontaneous way, every time less formal and more relaxed, so that he feels comfortable and keeps a good memory of the brand. With exhibition stand design and build now a days we don’t intend to sell a product anymore but creating experiences, generating a positive feeling in our audience and creating a positive environment where you can visit while you have fun and enjoy.

The experiences

Creativity and innovation. These two concepts are essential to succeed with exhibition stand design and build now a days. We not only create spaces exclusively to exhibit. Brands seek to create experiences that connect with the audience and this trend is reflected in increasingly more spectacular exhibition stand design and build. We can incorporate technology in exhibition design and build in order to create a bigger impact.

LED screens

This kind of large format screens are one of the most used resources in exhibition stand design and build for events where the brand wants to give a powerful visual support. This technological resource provides a platform that works to communicate quickly and directly, in addition to creating an experience that can simulate different realities or that can convey real emotions to visitors.

Virtual reality

In the technology area we can find applications, interactive screens and virtual reality glasses, some kind of resources more advanced that have gained much popularity among attendees and that provide a unique experience. These new resources represent a real revolution in the way that exhibition stand builders think and work. With all this solution we can make anyone travel by creating an immersive experience. There is no limit, although in exhibition stand design and build this kind of resources can be combined with spectacular stands made with scenery and unusual elements that help us to recreate different sensations or environments. Leisure and show Contests, games, concerts, photocalls, massage rooms… once again, technology can be the best friend of a brand and exhibition stand builders can help them to succeed. Having elements such as drones, tablets and interactive screens, audio-visual devices, a good sound system or 5G connection can help us create a fun environment where the public meets not only to talk about our brand but to have fun. As professional exhibition stand builders we have worked in multiple fairs that have incorporate these moments of fun as the main element. For example, the Cisco Live! Event in which we have worked as stand builders for several editions, is considered as a great “amusement park” where visitors can discover the different services offered by the brand in an entertaining way. Also for the latest edition of the Mobile World Congress we work on the construction of stands of Vodafone and HP Inc. for which we use LED screens creatively. In the case of Vodafone, a circular screen was also installed through which a concert divided between the Vodafone and Ericsson booth was broadcast live simultaneously, thanks to 5G technology. This would be a clear example of how technology can help us discover a product in an informal and funny way, and the response to that is always more positive.


As we could imagine, business relationships are established much more fluidly and naturally in relaxed and informal environments. As exhibition stand builders we work to create environments in which it does not seem to be working, but spaces in which you can also enjoy. In a general trend we have observed that it is more effective to have a conversation with someone having a coffee than having a formal meeting in a meeting room. It is all about playing with exhibition stand design and build in order to create spaces for interaction, not only to sell something, where discover new things, not only where present products. We must understand that the context has changed and that we can use it to offer new possibilities.

What is the best way to generate interest for stand builders? Be interested in others.

We should think about what our brand can offer and work in exhibition stand design and build to innovate offering something new to our customers. Exhibition stands are the home of the brand in the exhibition context, we must create comfortable spaces where visitors like to spend some time. For exhibition stand builders always wins the originality and knowing where we want to go to create something spectacular. Let’s do it!

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