27 June 2019

Exhibition stand builders: Keys for success

27 June 2019

We all know that fairs, congresses and exhibitions are very important now a days. They are a unique opportunity for companies that can present their last products and innovations, boost their sales and consolidate new clients. We also know that in the XXIst century the image of a brand is very important. That is the reason why exhibition stands design and build are the best presentation that a company can have to show themselves, but how to succeed with our exhibition stand design and build?

In this post we would like to give you some keys to stand out and success. Let’s go !



Make the difference

Wow! Awesome! Check it out!  This is the kind of reaction we should expect from someone who sees an exhibition stand that we make for our clients as professional exhibition stand builders at trade fairs and events. Making the brand visible and standing out from the competence is one of the main aims we seek as creative exhibition stand builders. But this isn’t an easy thing to do, as one can imagine. For getting to be the perfect exhibition stand builders we need to take a lot of decisions before starting to carry out the production of stands, in addition take an exhaustive control of each of the exhibition stand assembly phases. But don’t worry, we’ll show you how to do it.



Know your brand

All of us want to succeed with our exhibition stand design and build. Well, the first thing you should do is to know your own brand, how it works, its values ​​and the business philosophy that it keeps. If we know well who we are and how to show ourselves, it will be much easier to visualize and present us to our clients. This turns into the work of professional exhibition stand builders since the working process is as important as the final result.

If we know our client it we will be much easier to create an original and creative exhibition stand design and build that stands out above the rest.


Analyse the market

As important as knowing ourselves is to know our neighbours, that is to know what is happening in our professional sector, in this case we are talking about standing out as professional stand builders. In the international fairs and events industry we realize that the most innovative products, the most iconic brands and the latest trends are usually presented in many different ways, so as professional exhibition stand builders we have to be up to the task.

If we plan some time to study the sector of professional exhibition stand builders and we analyse how the most powerful companies in the market work we will get many keys to develop a good exhibition stand design and build. This will also help us to choose better what we want to show and what we should avoid as exhibition stand builders.


Think about your audience

When we go to a trade fair or a corporate event is important to show our brand in the best possible way but it is also very important to give something different to our visitors. Providing something surprising, new or unexpected can help exhibition stand builders to create a link between the potential client and our company. To do so we have many options and from Mac Group we would like to give you some ideas such as applying technological or computer elements, showing the product in an unconventional way through exhibitors by using surprising materials, shapes or colours that draw attention, take care of the design of the meeting rooms creating comfortable and welcoming spaces, making a creative use of lighting or using the appropriate furniture. The possibilities are endless. We should not only think about taking the attention of the audience but also offering them something that the others can’t give, so they will remember us.



The exhibition stands design and build will be our main tool to connect with the visitors and it will be our essential communication link. The good exhibition stand builders know that a trade fair is the perfect opportunity to open communication channels and generate a direct link with customers. Brands and companies usually invest in spaces with a good vision, activities like sponsor talks and conferences, creating meetings and many more.

Communication is based on expanding our network of contacts. In fairs and events is where we will be able to find the profile of clients and the leads we are looking for, which makes the exhibition stand design and build an opportunity to focus on direct communication with our audience. But we will also find media and press are important for publicity and it’s important to explain them how creative, innovative and professional stand builders we are and how we work, as long as they consider us important pieces for the successful results of the exhibition stand design and build.


Using the exhibition stand design to surprise

It is essential that exhibition stand builders can generate a certain sense of surprise to create a strong impression on the visitor. We all know that first impressions are what really matters, especially when we talk about attracting traffic and public to our exhibition stands in trade fairs and events, hence the importance of building a good exhibition stand design and build that is well planned and shows brilliant results.



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