8 November 2019

Technology, Digital Art & Exhibitions

8 November 2019
Art installations and new technologic artworks are changing the way we look at the artworld now a days. Art and technology are both important sources of inspiration for our work as professional stand builders, that’s why we try to keep us informed about the last features in this area.

Technology is redefining Art in strange new ways and that takes a lot of importance in Exhibition Stand Design and Build for creating innovative and creative exhibitions. In this post we will explore the last forms of expression of the new era. Keep reading!

Art can be the print of its time. Art means creation, innovation and revolution. Over the last centuries, many artists have pushed the boundaries of their time with radical new techniques, shocking content or unusual materials. Some of them just can’t help but court controversy. As exhibition stand builders we love to design projects and create spaces so powerful that break the traditional way of showing.

When we look back on history we realize that many of the most famous artists of all times took a new perspective and they broke with the past. Caravaggio painted sacred subjects with a harsh realism never seen before; the Impressionists took their materials and abandoned the studio for breathing the plain air for the very first time, so the painting tubes were invented; Pablo Picasso broke down with the shapes and reduced reality to geometric distorted shapes and hard angles; Marcel Duchamp took a mass-produced white urinal and displayed it in the middle of the museum; Jackson Pollock drilled a bucket of paint and spilled it over the canvas creating a new technique, the dripping in a new way of understanding art, the action painting; Richard Serra used 120 foot long and 12 foot high steel curving wall in the middle of New York City’s Federal Plaza and pedestrians had to walk out of their way to get where they where going; Damien Hirst put a dead shark suspended and preserved in a tank filled with tones of formaldehyde. The truth is that technology has been providing artists with new ways to express themselves for a very long time and as professional stand builders we look at them to find new ways of breaking with the past and keep on innovating.

Still, over the past few decades, art and tech have become more intertwined than ever before, whether it’s through providing new ways to mix different media, allowing human interaction and making the creative process easier. There are a bunch of features and a wide variety of digital artists who are using technology to push art in different directions, often to allow gallery visitors to engage with it in a multi-dimensional way.

Polka Dots Cosmos

Gleaming Lights of the Souls by Yayoi Kusama is one of the most beloved pieces in the museum collection. The installation, dating from 2008, consists of a single space, four by four meters. The walls and ceilings are covered with mirrors; the floor is a reflecting pool; and you stand in the middle of the water on a platform. This kind of installation has the capacity of distort the space and create a magical environment that works as a real inspiration for exhibition stand builders to think in new formats.

Hanging from the ceiling above you are a hundred lamps that resemble glowing ping pong balls. These lamps change colour in a way that transport us into a special rythm and pulse, almost as though we become one with the universe of the installation. Gleaming Lights of the Souls is a truly lyrical work of art in every sense and it’s one of our references as exhibition stand builders when we think of creating digital environments.

Digital Art Museums

One of the most spectacular museums in the world opened its doors last year (2018) in the island of Odaiba (Tokyo) being the first space of its kind. With an area of 10 thousand squared meters distributed in two different floors, it shows a unique atmosphere with diverse dark environments where the audience is guided by the lights of more than 470 projectors controlled by almost 500 computers. As exhibition stand builders we are so interested in this new kind of installations which shows the last technological features of our age.

The creators of this “new world” are the Japanese collective TeamLab, a group of artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians and architects. This ambitious project has been designed for creating three-dimensional immersive spaces. As professional exhibition stand builders and creative designers we are interested in creating a new way of connecting with the audience by an evolving space, a universe without boundaries where the artworks and the people can shift between them, creating new ways of communication. The aim of exhibition stand design and build is to match space and audience, engaging and influencing with customers and general public. This kind of art installations are so inspirational for exhibition stand builders because they are involving, and the visitor becomes the centre of the installation, the space changes with them and all the environment is created from the point of view of the viewer.

In the exhibition stand builders world we admire all the ‘ultratechnological’ features and we keep in touch with artists that work with technology as a tool to expand our knowledge and experiences. Our objective is to expand the possibilities of the exhibition stand design and build through digital life and generate new types of relationships with art, nature and the universe. As professional stand builders and experience creators we are interested in explore all the possibilities of space interaction.

technology installation

​As we have seen, pioneers of new media art combine multi-media technology such as ​projection mapping, ​software engineering and graphic design to create interactive, engaging installation art at the forefront of technology. As exhibition stand builders we get inspired by their works and investigations and also by leaders in audio-visual art who create breath-taking virtual realities that combine digital, visual material with experimental sound and music, to be viewed as VJ performances or as art installations in a wide variety of locations. We love to introduce all this new media and techniques into our exhibition stand design and build, as light which often plays a key role in new media art, allowing artists to produce atmospheric, otherworldy installations that can puncture the darkness with temporal, fractured light, that can be introduced in new and creative exhibition stand design.

Light structures & laser

Let’s start with lasers, the brush stroke of so much digital art. One of the most popular exhibitions in London  was “Assemblance”, a show designed to encourage visitors to create light structures and floor drawings by moving through colored laser beams and smoke. Umbrellium is the Art collective that designed it.

Artificial Intelligence

Do you like animals? Well, then we recommend you to get into the experience called Petting Zoo, an immersive space where you can find snake-like tubes hanging from the ceiling, bending and moving in a responsive way, changing colours based on your movements, sounds and touch. The artwork was developed by a design group called Minimaforms and it Is meant to provide a glimpse into the future, when robots or artificial pets will be normalized in human lives.

technology light

Mechanical Creation

Rising Colorspace is an abstract artwork that demonstrates that “Change is the only constant”. Vertwalker, a wall-climbing robot armed with a painted pen and a software keeps instructing it to follow a certain pattern that keeps changing and overwriting its own work. The process of creation is endless and as professional stand builders and experience designers we trust in turning things into something new.

Sustainability & Art

How can we see pollution with our eyes? Dimitry Morozov devised a way to make us aware of how much pollution is out there by building a device with a plastic nose that uses sensors to measure dust and other pollutants, including carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and methane and taking it out of the streets of Moscow. The sensors translated the data into volts and a computing platform called Arduino translated them into shapes and colours, creating a movie of pollution. As an irony he made it like this: the dirtier the air, the brighter the image.

As professional exhibition stand builders we are investigating the possibilities that technology can make into the sustainability field.

technology art

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