19 October 2018

Stands builders: Ephimeral Architecture

19 October 2018

Exhibition stand design and build is closely related to the History of Ephemeral Architecture, a kind of architecture which has played an essential role since immemorial times. Despite the uses and materials to build different structures and also for the manufacture of stands have changed historically, its essence still remains the same. As professional stand builders we are very interested in talking about the origins of exhibition stands, so if you are as interested as us you should continue reading!

Custom exhibition stands: the aim of ephemeral architecture 

Not only the stand design and build, but all kinds of ephemeral structures have always been created to be used in various uses such as celebrations and parties, for sets and sets and in exhibitions of all kinds. The construction of stands is important as it culminates centuries and centuries of evolution of this type of architecture so special, that has always existed.

The backbone that articulates this kind of architecture is the durability. From the stand design to the construction it carries out with the certainty that it will disappear, and this is something that all the stand builders should consider during the whole production process. Following this idea, every professional project manager should do each stand design and build specially produced for every client and project, being able to customize all the elements, providing solutions to every possible setback and taking care of all the details. Once it has fulfilled its function we know that the structure will disappear, but we also know that an exhibition stand design and build has been successful when it has accomplished its function.

Exhibition stands: a little bit of history

 From Ancient Greece we can find a lot of examples of ephemeral architecture, which has its origins in forms such as the Triumphal Arch, a model that was fixed as a permanent construction some centuries later, during the Roman Empire. Obviously, the concept of exhibition stand design or fair stand will appear much later, but if we analyze it we can find some evident coincidences with this kind of constructions of the Antiquity.

Reviewing the History of Art we can see that the use of buildings and structures created for specific events was very common in the European Courts and between the Royalty during different periods as rich as the Renaissance and Baroque. The functions of this structures were diverse, but they had an enormous influence in political, religious, social and aesthetic fields. In the same way, the construction of contemporary stand design and build can respond to different areas as medical, technological, pharmaceutical, sportive, artistic or cultural fields.

Stand design: from scenic booths to contemporary installations

Depending on the function and use of each structure, the stand suppliers will choose one or another kind of stand design for the event. Although its feature is being temporary, ephemeral architecture has been – and continues being – very relevant and important for some reasons. From exhibition stand designs to scenic booths, but also sets and contemporary installations should be impressive and show innovation and modernity.  

The presence of exhibition stand design and build in fairs and events now a days is essential for the development of our society, because they allow us showing the latest innovations and discoveries to the world. The fact is that the ephemeral element, understood as a disappearing element has allowed us capture the spirit of each era, letting us show the newest styles, shapes, materials and technics for being creative stand builders (or architects in a more general sense). The techniques and materials have changed substantially on every differend period, so it is highly important to take care of every detail when we design stands, as it will become a representation of each society and time. In the field of exhibition stand design and build, the result will represent not only the company but also the values of client that requested it. Effectiveness and quality play an essential role at this point.

Exhibition stands: Contemporary Ephemeral Architecture

 We could say that the stands design and build as we know it now a days wouldn’t exist without the emergence of Universal Exhibitions, a particular kind of trade fairs that began to be performed around the world to show scientific, technological and cultural advances of different countries worldwide.

These fairs became big shows and started being used as large advertising displays, not only for the countries but also for private companies, which promoted their products. Due to Universal Exhibitions they began to build fairgrounds where the different companies from could “pavilions” to promote themselves. We understand the concept of “pavilion” as the ephemeral structures built only for the exhibition, to be dismantled later and finally disappear. The equivalent of the ancient “pavilions” now a days could be the exhibition stand design at the tradeshow or fair.

Currently, in fairs and congresses we can appreciate the first experimental structures were carried out on new typologies and materials that represented contemporary architecture, using materials such as iron and glass. Likewise, the concept of interior design began to be developed, which we will later apply to exhibition stand design. Many of these Universal Exhibitions have meant authentic architectural revelations such as the one in Paris in 1889 with the construction of the Eiffel Tower, the one in Barcelona in 1929 that left us the German Pavilion of Mies van der Rohe and the one in Brussels in 1958 in which André Waterkeyn’s Atomium was screened, among many others.

Those tradeshows, and also the exhibition stand build, represents the perfect occasion to create innovative, original and surprising structures. Currently, congresses, fairs and corporate events are very important in our society and also worldwide. For many companies stand design and build represent a unique opportunity to show their products in the best possible way. At Mac Group Stands & Events we understand the importance of this kind of events for the evolution of certain sectors and for the different companies and brands that participate in them. For this reason, we have been working hard for more than 25 years in the field of exhibition stand design and build to achieve the best possible results and exceed the expectations of our clients.


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