19 July 2019

Exhibition Stand Design. Tips to draw attention

19 July 2019

Amidst today´s thriving trade fair and exhibition industry together with the booming branding and social media culture, attracting attention and drawing the maximum number of people from what seems to be an ocean of exhibition stands, is a key component to the success of the stand design and exhibition stand builders. Doing so may seem like a straightforward task but it can be a daunting process which can take a great deal of time and costs. However, with proper planning and exhibition stand design and build expertise, exhibition stand design can be a very exciting creative process.

So, what does it take to design stands that draw attention
and create a good and lasting impression?
What do people want to see?

First things first

Undoubtedly the most fundamental part of exhibition stand design and build is to begin with the client, the brand image/representation, objectives as well the message the client wants to convey and ensure that the design reflects all these requirements. This is also accompanied by all time and cost limitations and trade fair organizer guidelines that professional stand builders should follow strictly. For instance, if the objective for both stand builders and the company is brand awareness and letting the audience know about the company, exhibition stand design can incorporate consistent brand colors, a repetitive but conscientious use of logo & graphics as well as structural forms and layout that relate to the brand. On the other hand, if the objective is to launch a new product, stand design should highlight new products or services and can also incorporate thematic design approaches.


Increase visibility and openness

To draw visitors into the stand, exhibition stand builders have to boost the openness and visibility of the area by considering traffic flows from the event entry and exit points, pathways to conferences, restrooms, and cafeteria which will ultimately determine the stand entry and exit points, stand layout and banner point-of-sale. In line with trade fair guidelines, using height and verticality is also another factor which can be utilized by exhibition stand builders since tall structures often catch attention at the onset. Composition of the stand, or the placement of objects in a sensible and directed as well as aesthetically pleasing manner also holds great potential in increasing visibility. Keeping in mind the space between elements and where they are placed can not only ensure good circulation within the stand but avoid visual clutter, therefore enhancing the visibility, accessibility and openness, giving that overall inviting atmosphere created by designers and exhibition stand builders together.


Tap that ingenuity

Playing around with forms, shapes and structural elements can enhance the concept and overall creative appeal of trade-fair stands. Some approaches can be a combination of different but complementing shapes or the use of curve lines relative to straight lines. Unconventional shapes also could  be used such that of shapes that mimic organic elements- water, leaves, clouds etc. Turn flat surfaces into interesting forms through optical illusions that simulate floating, hanging of flying sensations. Use of mirrors can also be interesting where placed sensibly by exhibition stand builders. It can create an illusion of space or provoke introspection or reflection. Use of unconventional elements or materials such as crates and old furniture not only add to ingenuity and creativity but also contribute to sustainability.

However, if space and budget are limited to modular or simplified designs, there are many hybrids and custom stand types that exhibition stand builders and designers can offer. For instance, sustainable modular systems, composed of movable and interchangeable stacked cubes that resemble protruding shapes, which can be disassembled and reassembled differently by professional exhibition stand builders. This means that at unique layouts can be created at different exhibitions. With this approach, modularity has enough flair and dynamism to draw attention.



Create an experience

Creating an experience means taking audience into a journey, offering them more than flyers, brochures or face-to-face meetings. Doing so will not only draw people into the stand to visit and participate but help to improve attendees’ experience and boost brand recall. Thus, the exhibition stand design and build needs to incorporate an engaging and interactive environment such as points of attraction (“instagrammable” photo spots, live social media wall, opinion boards, touch screens) as well as movable and tactile features, exhibits that can be explored or walked-through, among others. Professional exhibition stand builders believe that realistic exhibitions that bring actual products or actual experience are also gaining popularity. Giving audience the chance to see and touch products as they might be in the real-life setting makes it more effective to promote products. Also, exhibition stand builders can create an experience that can be achieved by simulating a real environment such that of a house, office, the outdoors, streets- whichever is best to relate to the products and services involved. Another approach for exhibition stand builders could be adding a gaming element. Ideas may include personalised games that features company’s products and services or even basic games such as quiz or puzzle.

Stimulate the senses

Multi-sensory events that reach out the subconscious and trigger the visitors’ memories and emotions are proven to be more memorable. Thus, it is essential that the exhibition stand design and build considers the different senses into it.  Trade shows are conventionally highly visual in nature. Thus, providing a strong visual impression that is immediately seen within the exhibition stand will sure draw attention. Some of the widely used design approaches include that exhibition stand builders can create include the clever use of lighting, strategically placed large format graphics and visual equipment such as LED screens and video walls. With the development of media and audio-visual technology, the simple print material has transformed into more interactive and multi-sensory displays. While a visually stimulating exhibition stand design and build is essential, it also needs to stimulate the sense of hearing, smell and touch/feel.

Taking multi-sensory displays into a whole new level is the VR/AR technology. Virtual reality and augmented reality have surely succeeded as crowd-drawers for exhibition stand builders. VR/AR technology can develop amazing virtual applications thereby stimulating the senses within a real-life scenario.

Another design approach that can be explored is the use of materials that exhibition stand builders can make. A good way to achieve a visually interesting and tactile stand is by mixing materials and experimenting with contrasting patterns and textures. Mixing natural and handmade materials as well as exhibition stand builders introducing different finishes into a harmonious composition or juxtaposing them in unexpected ways will make stands more interesting. The whole concept of organic spaces put together with a variety of plants and foliage sourced from the local area not only produces a calming environment that has a very calming and relaxing influence but also something that is sure to draw visitors and it’s definitely an easy strategy for exhibition stand builders and designers.


Provide an oasis

During a long day of events and seeing several exhibition stands and booths, providing lounges or special seating areas with comfortable seating, laptops, mobile charging points and free Wi-Fi which offer the attendees a place to sit and relax, can entice attendees to spend more time in our stand. For professional stand builders these spots become a congregation point which aids in networking and offers more opportunity to interact with visitors. With bigger spaces, a meeting lounge with table and chairs are ideal. But for small spaces, tables with chairs, high stools, bean bags, benches, a single sofa can do the trick.

Bonus: Freebies!

People love free stuff. exhibition visitors are more likely to enter an exhibition stand if it offers some promotional giveaway or freebie, which are one of the best types of promotional exhibition stand ideas that are sure to give good returns.

Fundamentally, exhibition stand design and build follows the similar universal rules of composition. However, the trick to achieve one that draws attention lies on the careful selection of these design strategies and combining them into a harmonious composition. This means uncluttered layout, crisp colours, unique and distinct forms and a strong, highly visible structure. Ultimately, a good atmosphere and memorable experience will surely retain visitors into the stand long enough for networking and transaction opportunities to take place and professional exhibition stand builders should know how to achieve that. Whatever the approach is, always ensure that design is consistent to both the branding and messaging.

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