30 November 2018

Stand Builders. Corporate identity & Marketing

30 November 2018
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Stand Builders. Corporate identity & Marketing  

Marketing is the tool used by most of the companies to improve the image showing which are their values ​​and objectives and to improve the impact of their products. Stand builders have a lot to do with this since they work to design and build a perfect showcase to present their costumers’ corporate image and their principles to the world. As we already know, we live in a changing world moved by a highly competitive market economy. Because of this we consider very important to understand our customers and do the best exhibition stand design and build for them.

To be able to stand out from our competitors and display our products in the best possible way is our aim as stand builders. We know well that all companies should create a good reputation, and this depends not only on the quality of their products or services but also on the image they project outside.

At Mac Group Stands & Events we are professional stand builders and always try to give the best results for the brand we are representing, by using creative designs and working on high quality projects. As expert stand builders we want to leave here some tips about how represent a company or brand through the design and assembly of stands.

Exhibition Stand Design & Corporative Image

Any company that starts to develop its corporate identity will have benefits immediately, not only with their competitors but also with their suppliers, customers and even among their own employees. Any brand that is into a corporative renovation process should think about themselves three important questions: Who are we? What do we do? How do we do it? This factor already shows a self-interest for the brand, a symptom of demand, growth and evolution.

As professional stand builders we want to know everything about the corporate identity of our customers, in order to get to know them well and to create exhibition stand design and build that represent them.

In addition to the deep reflection on the own company or brand, professional stand builders and stand suppliers we take care about the details related to the construction of an image, being very different aspects that must be assessed.


Mac Group stands & Events at Mobile World Congress 2018

Exhibition stand design & visual identity

Every company must have a clearly defined visual identity, thus avoiding possible confusion and mainly for distinguishing ourselves from their competitors. In the exhibition stands design and build area, stand builders consider the visual image is based on external aspects such as the logo, corporate colors or typography.

A powerful visual image can make that the customers identify the brand without even seeing clearly its name. In the exhibition stand design and build we consider that this elements of corporate identity are essential to cause the required impact on the visitors of our custom-made exhibition stands.  

Another crucial element for making a good corporate communication strategy is the use of social networks and how the company’s website looks like, since they work as a visual presentation and are highly graphic. In any project of exhibition stand design and build usually stand builders consider all these elements. In Mac Group we carry out a deep study of the platforms of our clients in order to know them better.

Stand builders and Corporate values 

When we talk about exhibition stand design and build it is also important to think about the corporate values ​​of the brand that we share: its philosophy, its mission, its way of working, thinking and relating to the world. In addition to the values, stand builders have in consideration the reputation of the brand, that is what the external agents say about it. These are the mass media, public opinion and their own customers.

These factors can change the perception of a brand completely and as professional stand builders we build all our work in the communication strategy to create projects that represent the real essence of our clients, and thus be able to show the best results. 

At Mac Group Stands & Events we know the importance of showing a good corporate image, not only for our clients by stand design and build that represent them, but also for our own. That’s the reason why we are doing an exercise to get to know each other better, improving and renewing our corporate image. Because as professional stand builders we want to offer the best results but we also want to be better. Soon we will advance some of the changes we are preparing for all of you!



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