7 December 2018

A guide for choosing the best materials for stand builders.

7 December 2018

Exhibition stand builders. A guide to choose the best materials.  

In the world of exhibition stand design and build there are many materials that can be combined creatively to obtain innovative and creative solutions. For professional exhibition stand builders it is extremely important to make a right choose the materials as long as they give quality at the exhibition stand design and build making the difference.

How can we choose the most suitable materials for our exhibition stands? In this post we help you find out which are the best solutions!

When we talk about exhibition stand design and build, there are many factors to consider before creating any creative and innovative structure, but at the same time we should think about quality and good endings for every stand design. Exhibition stand builders must take in consideration all the options and possibilities for an exhibition stand design and they should know how to adapt them properly into the project, thinking about the total budget and the material costs but also their handling and the final treatment in the process stand design and build.

Since the possibilities are so diverse and there’s a huge range of prices and costs, it is highly important to choose well, so the use of a certain material in the exhibition stand design and build can significantly change the appearance of the whole booth but it can also lead to large profits or economic loses.

In Mac Group Stands & Events we have created a little guide in which we will give you some tips to succeed in the choice of materials and the exhibition stand build!

Exhibition stand design and materials

The materials we choose and use as exhibition stand builders can help us achieve our goals by building a creative structure that helps our brand to stand out from the others for its value and quality. For our clients it is very important to make a difference with the aim of obtaining good results, that is why according to each project we will analyze the needs of the exhibition stand design and we’ll choose the most suitable materials according to it.

In Mac Group Stands we have much experience and we have worked in the exhibition stand design and build with a wide range of materials for over20 years.

Below, we will show some of the most common materials in the exhibition stands design and build and also the strangest ones, illustrating them with examples of some of our works as professional exhibition stand builders.

stand builders exhibition

Aluminum stands

Usually, the construction of large exhibition stands with aluminum is one of the simplest options one can choose. This kind of exhibition stands are usually used in combination with other materials such as PVC. This type of exhibition stand build is very easy and quick to assemble, since the resulting structures are very light, manageable and adaptable to any kind of surface. The lightness of the material allows the creation of high-level fair stands, generating a greater visual impact.

The main advantage of this kind of exhibition stand design is its easy adaptation and its malleability, but aesthetically it is usually necessary to cover the material with other equipment or to incorporate other elements that provide a greater visual impact to the main structure. It is a suitable material for exhibition stand builders who have to work with tight budgets, but definitely it is not the ideal solution if what we want is to develop our creativity or cause a great impact on the public.

stand builders barcelona

Wooden stands

Custom build exhibition stands made with materials such as wood give a very warm and welcoming touch to the exhibition stand design and they usually stand out the others. This kind of exhibition stands also allows one to create different combinations and play with all the additional elements of interior design such as furnishing elements and different equipment on the exhibition stand: counters, display cases, shelves, sofas, etc.

Wood can be used in different ways in exhibition stand design and build, both to create additional structures or to develop the architectural project itself. It is a material that can work well in combination with other materials creating magnificent contrasts and it can be displayed also with a variety of textures, fabrics and colors. It’s a material that let’s gives much creative freedom to the project managers and to the exhibition stand builders.

Although it is a natural material, which can be used in the exhibition stand design and build whether treated or natural, depending on the effect that we want to create. It is also renewable and biodegradable, what makes it good for helping with the environmental preservation and it can work with ecological values.

stand builders materials stand builders materials stand builders materials stand builders materials

PVC exhibition stands

In exhibition stand design and build we also have the option of using PVC, which is considered a very light, malleable and quite cheap material. It is very versatile and exhibition stand builders usually use it above all for the building of elements applied to the structure or main body of the design such as signs, panels, shelves, etc.

Working with exhibition stand design using PVC is so easy and fast, so if we have short delivery times it can be a very good option. It is also a type of material that let us make a lot of variations and combinations. Exhibition stand builders have also the option of reusing it sometimes, for example if we vinyl it. In conclusion we can confirm that this is a highly versatile material for using it in exhibition stands.

stand builders materials stand builders materials

Stands with glass and mirror

In the exhibition stand design and build, one of the most surprising and extravagant materials that one can use is glass and mirror added to the architectural structure, which can be applied as a structural skeleton or in addition in some concrete parts of the exhibition stand design. When we apply transparent or reflective materials in the exhibition stand design and build, we can create amazing solutions that have a great impact on the public, as well as obtaining futuristic effects on its appearance. These materials use to give a touch of class and distinction to the exhibition stand design.

stand builders materials stand builders materials

Do you want to create your exhibition stand design and build but you aren’t sure of which’s the most suitable material for it? Are you interested in knowing the best options for your fair stands? At Mac Group as expert stand suppliers with over 20 years of experience in the exhibition stand design and build area & we can help you choosing the best option!


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