14 February 2020

6 things to know about an installation for exhibition stand builders

14 February 2020

There are many reasons exhibitions can be useful. They work for showing last features and for knowing what’s going on. However, it’s up to each company to have clear their goals for an exhibition. With the right preparation and eye-catching design, exhibition stand builders can help us to move forward our brand.

Fairs and trade shows are important because they allow you to showcase the best parts of you. Visitors can see products and services close. Furthermore, brands can interact with their potencial clients. The aim of exhibition stand builders is to make a good impression that remains in customer’s minds. A spectacular exhibition stand design can present your company in a new an exciting way.

But, for creating a great exhibition we need stand builders who know perfectly how to make it happen. In this post we’ll give you some tips to know how to do an exhibition installation. Here we go!

We are expert exhibition stand builders, so our job is to care for the final exhibition results. But we also care about the exhibition stand design and build process. We search the best options, ensure their viability and proper handling, and install them in the venue. How does mounting and disassembling an exhibition entail? Let’s see…

Exhibition stand builders telling 10 things to know about exhibition installation


Exhibition stand installation is the culmination of a process

Exhibitions take weeks, even months, to put together. Above all, they begin with an idea materialized into an exhibition stand design. Concepts appear, materials are selected, and distributions are done.

The briefing becomes the bible for exhibition stand builders. The design team uses the brilliant ideas filled there to create drawings of the proposed exhibition stand design. When a final design is reached and approved, then the exhibition stand can be built. There is an essential process in between taken by project managers, which responds to the production. After that, walls are put up and lights are installed by qualified exhibition stand builders.

Only project managers know – and supervise – which element belongs to each part of the exhibition stand design and build.

Building up from nothing is the most exciting part, but also the hardest

Larger exhibition stands can take several weeks to be built. They usually have diverse rooms, spaces and environments. Each of these parts has its peculiarities and they must be individually mounted, installed and lit. This process can take hours for each element, depending on how complicated the requirements of the exhibition stand design and build are.


Exhibition stand builders have to be mental and physically tough

The installation process can be long and demanding. Professional exhibition stand builders are standing, walking, lifting, bending, reaching and climbing ladders. Exhibition stand design can have a large spread. Working in small recesses, shifting from a place to another and moving furniture can require that exhibition stand builders are fit and prepared in good gymnastics! For instance, for installing raised floors or floor lights, exhibition stand builders should lie on the floor for hours while it is installed, to ensure the base is built in proper position and safely.

In addition to the physical demands, it can also be mentally exhausting. The project manager must know where the objects are placed and how the elements are installed. Each material has its own tricks. Above all, only experts know what each element is, what it is made of, how to treat or handle it appropriately and if it needs any special care. They must know well how the exhibition stand design is and how the production plan is arranged.

Always ready for the unexpected, exhibition stand builders should give quick solutions to last minute changes. Although, a good professional has to be strong and patient, and they should be able to continue moving forward. In conclusion, exhibition stand builders have to keep eyes opened and brains well fuelled.

Where do we find the exhibition stand builders?

If well done, clients won’t probably never notice one of the most important features of an exhibition: technicians and mounts. While some parts can be displayed easily, many require specialized mountmakers can fabricate some parts that require special installation process. Highly skilled exhibition stand builders fabricate custom mounts to position specific objects. These elements are produced based on the design layout for how the object is going to be displayed. Exhibition stand builders work measuring and testing each element multiple times to ensure a perfect fit. It requires a great amount of attention to detail, but the result is that a good installation is a masterpiece for itself.

Lighting can highlight or break an exhibition stand design and build

Trade fairs and shows are usually well lit, but each exhibition stand design has its own needs. Measuring light levels can create a pleasant atmosphere or aversely an awful effect. Light can enlarge any space. A good illumination causes things to fade or outstand. Exhibition stand builders should know how to measure the light intensity equal to the amount of light given by the venue. Lighting can set the tone for the exhibition, from creating a lively environment to a more subdued one depending on the zone (similar to theatre stage lighting). Finally, exhibition stand builders can also use exhibition-specific lighting to emphasize the importance of a certain area.

Exhibition stand builders know about maths

Not only scientist or engineers should know about maths. Architects, designers, technicians and professional stand builders will do have to do math. Working on fairs involves giving accurate measurements to the exhibition designers who must design the cases to the correct measurements. Exhibition stand builders should be able to calculate square footage. They also have to figure out how to center something from x size within a given space. Thankfully, exhibition stand builders are skilled at this to take care of most of the cases.


Well, these are only a few steps exhibition stand builders should follow for a perfect installation. But, there are much more. We’ll give you more tips in future posts… Stay tuned!

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