21 February 2020

How to solve last minute setbacks in Exhibition Production.

21 February 2020

Exhibitions are limitless now a days. They are useful for tell stories and communicate ideas. We can show who we are and what we do through exhibitions. Lately, we find that companies rely on exhibitions and events to attract and retain the public.

Stands design is essential to convey the identity of a brand. In addition, new technologies allow us to give authentic sensory and immersive experiences. Our aim is to show the values ​​of a brand on a different way. Althought, exhibition stand builders have to stay creative at this point. Exhibition stand design let us create iconic spaces and memorable experiences.

Depending on the magnitude of the exhibition stand design, we must go further. Events, presentations to clients, fairs, planning and resources are a fundamental part of the exhibition production process.

Futhermore, if we aim to control the exhibition, we must control all the narrative resources: script, scene, times and contents. It is also essential to know the technical means that require assembly of stands: light, audiovisual, color, graphics, space metrics, interior design, etc.

Exposiciones stands

We can summarize the exhibition design process in 4 essential points:

  1. Exhibition production require a conceptual map and a detailed study of each device on it.
  2. Stand design is grounded on the briefing, a key document that gives the answers to the questions about the project. A good briefing must specify everything the customer needs and what we need from the suppliers.
  3. The Exhibition design: regulations, calendar and planning. One of the most important steps is project management.
  4. Assembly and dismantling: the coordination of industrialists and suppliers has to be smooth and precise. It is essential to develop a custom work plan.

Stands y exposiciones

But those of us who set up exhibitions – mainly exhibition builders – know that unforeseen events are part of our work. It is very important to learn how to detect setbacks on time and give a solution as soon as possible. Sometimes it can be difficult to react quickly to the unexpected, that’s the reason why we’ve prepared a guide to solve last-minute problems. Let’s go!

Isolate the issue

When a setback arrises it is important to identify it as soon as possible. Exhibition stand designers should ask themselves if the origin of the issue is mechanical, technical or if it belongs to things or people.

Problems must be measured using objective data. Once we isolate the problem, we must look for its origin and measure its impact.

Investigate the cause. ¿What kind of problem is? Methodological, the design of stands, tools and equipment, material, logistics, security, etc. Did it appear due to a failure in the initial forecast, to a lack of information or communication or to unforeseen causes?

In conclusion. It is highly important to reach a conclusion to take action. ¿What kind of unforeseen is and how are we going to address it?

stand exhibitions

Prepare exhibition solutions

In case of finding a setbakc at the exhibitions production process or exhibitions stand design, we shouldreact differently depending on the nature of the problem. Is it technical or, on the other hand, is it related to human resources?

First of all, if it is technical, we should ask ourselves about the methodology that we’ve been using for our exhibition production plan. For instance, by analizing the general situation and questioning each of the work phases we’ll get something more clear. We must also ask about each detail (Why has it happened ? Where ?,When ? Who? How?)

Solving exhibition issues

If we are talking about an issue related with our staff, we must ask about its cause. It is possible that the person in charge didn’t have the appropriate knowledge or skills? Is it because the responisble had a lack of information? In this case we should do a self-evaluation exercise as exhibition stand designers and prepare ourselves to improve our trainings by giving better instructions.

In other words, we can also provide our team with better tools for developing their work. It is important to give clear objectives and provide them with a work plan, point by point, to avoid such failures during the exhibition stand production process.

However, it may happen that the issue arises because the person in charge didn’t take responsibilities. Maybe their attitude and behavior haven’t been adequate. In this situation, we should review the agreements and the conditions that we initially agreed . Facing reality and giving options and alternatives is the best way to solve this kind of issues.


exhibition builders

Correcting production issues

If we believe in Mies van der Rohe’s quote “less is more”, we’ll find out that it is important to take off every unnecessary element and focus on the essential. Simplifying is our goal when we talk about exhibition stand design.

Then, we must question the method. Exhibitions production and stands design should be continously reformulated. We live in a changing world, so it’s important to stay updated.

Rethinking all the quantitative andqualitative objectives (and costs) would help us set a realistic production plan and avoid unexpected issues in the future.

Once we have identified and controlled everything, it is important to notify it all to the affected agents. Then we can take action.


exhibition stand barcelona

Check and evaluate results

Whenever a crisis arises, it is important to keep calm and analyze the situation. Taking enough distance, we will be able to evaluate if the decisions taken during in the exhibition production process were appropriate.  ¿Where they taken on time? Otherwise, we should also give alternatives.

Our exhibition analysis should include the reaction times and the precise measures taken. But also, it should include the impact it had on the total exhibition costs and budget. We should make a general balance of the damages and the repercussion of the setback in the final result.

Finally, it is important to improve commitment in order to prevent this kind of unexpected issues in the future.



If we work in exhibitions and fairs (or production) we shoiuld be prepared for contingencies. As professional stand builders we know well that exhibitions combine multiple elements, of very diverse origin. Also, we should recognize that at the exhibition world we work with high standards. As exhibition stand builders and designers we take care of every single detail. Failures aren’t allowed.

Project Managers must be prepared to keep a cool head, control the situation and find an exhibition solution quickly.

Assessing resources, delivery times and analyzing which are the most beneficial solutions will help us with the final decision. Having a creative team will always enhance the resolution of setbacks in exhibitions and events.

Finally, as professional exhibition stand builders we recommend…

In exhibition production we should expect the best, but always being prepared for the unexpected.

The key for exhibition stand builders is to be aware of everything happening arround. Keep your eyes open!

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