25 October 2019

Quality design is sustainable

25 October 2019

We believe that a good design has to be sustainable and it has to ensure the environmental impact as low as possible. We also know that the exhibition industry has lived an important growth during the last decades and it’s important to regulate the waste and spend in order to be responsible with the planet. As professional exhibition stand builders we care about the environment and we would like to give some tips to do a better exhibition stand design and build, which is always the most sustainable.

Ephemeral doesn’t mean disposable

If we are thinking on going greener, we should consider choosing the most durable and sustainable materials and make them renewable and recyclable, especially when we are working on ephemeral architecture. As professional stand builders we are conscious about the importance of reusing materials in diverse events or exhibitions. In this area we recommend to use our imagination in order to change and transform existent elements into something new. It can be surprising to find out how wide is the rage of things we can create using this simple principle.


Build trust, confidence and engagement

It’s time to take responsibilities and to take care of the waste management. With that aim we can define the stand builders strategy to maximize and upgrade productivity having corporate and social responsibility.

Helping clients

When we are planning an exhibition or event, there are some preferred options to consider before starting with the production. The order we recommend to follow, as creative stand builders is reduce, reuse, recycle and recovery.

Reduce. Generating less waste in the exhibition stand design and build process but also in our everyday life has to be the first objective to chase and the most effective.

Reuse. Repairing or reconditioning devices or other elements can help us to give them a second life as long as makes our imagination grow. There are spectacular things that can be done by taking something and change its conditions to turn it into another, you must try!

Recycle. Great things can be born when we turn a material into a new substance or product. Our supply-chain supports local environmentally responsible suppliers and local economies.

Recovery. Recovering energy is an essential part of the process, so when you can’t recycle you can always choose this option. As sustainable stand builders we always try to use and specify energy efficient technologies for our clients and for the world.

Enhance the customer experience

Each and every exhibition we create is designed thinking of people. We believe that creating healthy and comfy spaces for staff, visitors and customers has to be a priority. We believe that creating a good exhibition stand design and build is essential to connect with our audience, because only through an outstanding interior design and using quality materials we can get to high bounds of well-being and productivity as exhibition stand builders.

That’s the reason why we work for people and also for the planet we live in. As professional stand builders our aim is to achieve sustainable goals and create a striking and functional environment, about the effect on people and on the broader environment.


Sustainability for exhibitions and events means taking action towards preserving our natural environment, promoting a healthy, inclusive society and supporting a thriving economy.

Event organisers, designers and exhibition stand builders share responsibility for implementing and communicating sustainable practices to their stakeholders. We can distinguish three different areas of basic principles for sustainable exhibition stand design and build:

Basic environmental practices

  • Conservation of resources including water, energy and other natural resources
  • Waste management
  • Carbon emissions reduction and management
  • Supply chain management a responsible purchasing
  • Biodiversity preservation

Basic social considerations

  • Universal human rights
  • Community impacts
  • Labour practices
  • Respect for culture
  • Safety and security
  • Health and well-being

Sustainable events support thriving economic practices

  • Collaboration and partnerships
  • Local support, including small and medium enterprises
  • Equitable economic impact
  • Transparency

Sustainability is a hot topic and making it a focal point of your event or exhibition stand design and build offers benefits for both the environment and your PR. It may even help to cut costs, too.

While many may think that “going green” requires a complete overhaul of their current event logistics, the truth is that even the smallest of steps in the right direction can make a big difference. These small changes can serve as a bedrock for future events – and the gateway to even more shifts towards ongoing sustainability.


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