28 February 2020

Last Features in an exhibition stand. A real installation at Cisco Live! 2020

28 February 2020

¿Which are the last features in exhibition stand installations?

Which are the last trends in exhibition stand design? Interactive and experiential stands are playing an important role in exhibitions and trade shows. The aim is, now a days, to entertain the public and let the experience remain in their memories. Increasingly, brands are looking for creating spectacular stands and events for their public. They want the visitors not only to stay and watch, but to interact with the products and devices.

To achieve it, exhibition stand builders should create and install new surprising elements. In this post we’ll check some real examples of how to work with the last innovative elements. ¡There we go!

Stand design features

Sustainable stands & organic materials

App Dynamics Lounge

When we attend to an exhibition or fair, we usually need to take a break in a certain point. Stopping, resting, charging our smartphones, having a quick snack or chatting is necessary for the visitors. Exhibition stand builders are creating a place where the user can stop and chill for a moment. In the middle of the exhibition design of the Hall 7, we created a space for disconnecting.

Our exhibition stand builders team installed all the necessary for your comfort. We used different materials to reproduce a landscape evoking a natural environment. In fact, different blue tones simulated the colours of the sea and the green ones where used to recreate a fresh grass field. Finally, we added some sun loungers and ¡our visitors are in a garden!

To reach this effect, exhibition stand builders chose a new material for the floors. We are talking about a 17mm coconut carpet made with organic natural fibres.

Another of the challenges faced by our team of professional exhibition stand builders, was levelling off the ground at this area. In this occasion, the ground should be elevated by a supplementary structure to achieve the final effect. In order to build it, exhibition stand builders and technicians put an additional wooden floor to elevate the carpet.

On the other hand, we had to work with the decoration. We could find flower’s petals decorating the exhibitions and surrounding columns. They were made with an iron structure. The curvature of the heavy material was made by applying force, then it became ductile. Finally, they were painted in different colours. ¡We already have our garden!

features exhibitions

Exhibition challenges

Scape room

As we’ve already said, exhibitions and fairs are getting more dynamic and participative in order to generate new experiences in the visitors. One of the attractions that exhibition stand builders play with is entertainment.

Following this idea, we created a Scape Room at Cisco Live! 2020. The visitors should get in and they got locked into it. If they wanted to get out, they should resolve some obstacles.

Electronic devices

To build this game, exhibition stand builders should have developed technical knowledge. Installing this kind of features is not easy at all. For example, the coded suitcases are one of the essential devices that we used to create this experience.

At this point of the exhibition installation we had to set up special devices, for example, electronic doors. The peculiarity of this element is that once it has been installed it cannot be modified or moved. At this point, accuracy is highly important. Since any mistake at this point of the exhibition installation could change the result.

Simulations should be realistic in order to achieve an impressive effect. Different kind of graphics were produced to generate this feeling at this exhibition area. In this case, project managers found some unexpected last-minute changes. At the last moment, the client decided to add some graphic elements on the walls, but that element was already built.

stand exhibition builders

¿How to manage last minute changes?

Graphic elements

According to the original stand design, the walls should be painted. But, once they were produced and before painting them, the client decided to apply graphic elements, but the wall material didn’t allow to make a good adhesion of the vinyl. The alternative that our professional stand builders team took consisted in producing some PVC panels and adding them to the existing wall. Later, the graphic could be applied to this new surface. Finally, we found that this was a clean and fast solution, which gave an excellent result.

exhibitions trade shows

Exhibitions and normative. Follow the rules.

Collaboration Center

The exhibition design presents so many different elements depending on the area. In this part of the exhibition fair, we created a space where the aim was to silence the meeting rooms.

Exhibition stand builders planned the construction of separated rooms that, instead of building opaque walls, they were made with glass. To prevent the contamination of sounds and noises, several acoustic foams were used to isolate and soundproof the space.

stand designers

New printing techniques

Build a bike 

Each part of the exhibition has its own needs and requirements. At this part, exhibition stand builders had to install a very special material for the surrounding of the different areas. At the walls, the exhibition stand design was furnished with a structure of wooden panels that were precisely produced for this occasion. The wooden were so special, because they were produced incorporating the ink directly on the surface of the support. That means that, the draw and the support are only one, indissociably.

Although, the technique that exhibition stand builders usually use for wall’s graphics is to apply vinyl. But, on this occasion the design was made directly on the support. This feature makes it more difficult to obtain great results, especially when the dimensions of the exhibition are as big as Cisco Live Europe. Exhibition stand builders added a group of panels that measured approximately 1.2 x 2.4 meters. To make the panels coincide without any mistake it required extreme precision, not only at the exhibition stand design but also during the printing process. Due to the expertise of our exhibition stand builders team we did it!

The labelled material must be printed on smooth surface so that its adhesion was perfect. There are many factors that can make change the original design when we are producing and mounting the exhibition stand. Professional exhibition stand builders also knew that the colour perception of this material may vary depending on the incidence of light in the material.

As usual in this kind of exhibitions and events, exhibition stand builders may use materials that follow the normative of each venue and event. Thist time, Fira de Barcelona asked for a fireproof certificate for all the materials used in the exhibition stand assembly.

Absolutely all the exhibition stand design was created regarding these regulations. Moreover, even decorative elements such as plants had to be fireproof.

games and exhibitions

Reuse, recycle, reduce & replace

Master Series Studio

As we all know, the importance of sustainability and recycling is increasing lately. As professional exhibition stand builders, we can’t ignore this point and we consider it every step of the way. In order to create the structure of this area we chose a material that is not very common: we used slats of old wood. The panels had to fit together precisely, as if it was a mathematical collage.

barcelona exhibitions

Custom-made stands

Autonmous Maze

Let’s go back to games in exhibitions and fairs. At the Cisco Live event, we built the structure surrounding the labyrinth using a set of wood clad Layhers. It was highly difficult to create and fit the material using the measures requested by our client, because the Layher is a material that is produced in standard blocks. This case illustrates the difficulty of designing and producing custom-made stands, opposed to the simpler modular stands.

exhibition builders

Light boxes

In this area, which originally was a long empty corridor, exhibition stand builders installed a set of large-scale interactive letters. As we have said before, currently we are interested in using interactive devices that put the visitor in the centre of the exhibition. We already know that the goal is to entertain and surprise the visitor with involving stands and exhibitions.

We achieved an effect of dynamism through placing some luminous letters that worked in an autonomic way. Programmed using a mechanism that included infra-red sensors, the movement was detected every time someone passed by. Immediately, it generated light creating a colourful effect in the whole area.

To make sure that the devices worked smoothly, the sensors had to be programmed on-site and the exhibition stand builders had made several tests to verify that it was synchronized. Finally, a total of 13 sensors were programmed and the tests lasted between 4 and 5 days.

On the other hand, let’s see the materials used on this installation. First, the structure is made by a metal base with aluminium letters on it. The structure is coated with a methacrylate front and translucent vinyl. On the inside we can find the LED strips connected with the sensors.

light installation stand

Inmersive experiences

The Gateway 

Exhibition stand design and build consists in trying to choose the most accurate materials for each part. On this structure we used diverse natural and recyclable materials. It is very important to carry out the stand design thinking about sustainability and never forgetting about our green solutions. As professional exhibition stand builders we care about our planet and that’s the reason why we combine creativity with recycled and reused materials.

The Gateway is a structure mainly made by cardboard tubes, an organic material. Furthermore, the sits inside it are made of recycled foam cushions. Finally, the vertical garden that worked as a backdrop, was made a 100% with reusable natural plants. Put a little green on me, thanks!

sustainable stands

Future materials

The Hub

¡Espectacular, espectacular! In the Cisco Live Hub we designed a special feature to generate the final effect. First of all, we used a very uncommon material to create the vertical structure, made by former ship masts, a peculiar element that we adapted to the exhibition stand design and build.

The supporting elements were made by carbon fibre, providing the necessary height and rigidity to stand the volumes – floating balls – that measured about 6 meters. These volumes were produced using fiberglass, while the bases were made of polystyrene with a polyurethane coating. This material is much softer and more ductile, and it allows the exhibition stand builders to paint it, giving a nice result.

As we mentioned a few days ago, it is essential for exhibition stand builders to have mathematical knowledge, because sometimes we need to calculate precisely measurements. The hardest part of this exhibition was to install a device that is suspended and inclined. ¿How did we solve it? Well, the most important thing was to make precise calculations of the rigging points at the exhibition stand design.

Talking about materials again, the light devices were made of wood reinforced with fir beams, a highly resistant material which also provides lightness. Finally, the lights are complemented with white adjustable LED strips.

The rest of the elements – seats, totems and couches – were made of wood. Some of them were painted and the others were covered with fabrics. These elements demonstrate that we care about using sustainable materials in exhibition stand design and build.

In addition, we should remark that the fabrics used on the lower part of the sits were special, provided by Barrissol, a material which facilitates an easier application of the covering textile. The particularity of is kind of fabric is that it’s bigger than the structure where we should place it. Once it’s on it, exhibition stand builders should apply heat, which makes the decrease of its size getting the perfect adaptation of the fabric. This solution is very useful when it comes to elements as large as these, having about 8 meters.

custom made stands

Impressive structures


3, 2, 1 … Rain! We present one of the most impressive parts of the Cisco Live Europe stand design. As exhibition stand builders it is a pleasure for us to work in an immersive structure like this. The visitor becomes of the installation, who can walk through it and interact.

We are talking about a platform that contains a pool with more than 23,000 liters of water. The water rises through the main structure in the middle of the installation and it is pumped to the top. Once the water is distributed, it creates a spectacular rain effect. Finally, some video projections are installed all over the place.

This exhibition stand design has a complex structure. In this occasion it was necessary to work very precisely to avoid water leaks. It is a very delicate element and the technicians who handle it must be qualified professional exhibition stand builders.

features stands barcelona

Game installations

The grid

Let’s go back to the game. This part of the exhibition could perfectly go through an artistic installation. Created with mirrors, lights and interactive elements, the building this futuristic room required a lot of attention.

The visitor plunges into a dark room where he finds some kind of light game, which has to solve by stepping on the lights. Through the neon lights they must discover which is the hidden pattern. The exhibition stand structure is made of simple mirrors alternated with “spy mirrors”, creating a very effective feeling in the visitor.

We installed sensors which activated lights when the user stepped on, directing the signal to the control room.

stands barcelona       stand installation barcelona

We love to work with surprising devices. In Mac Group we will continue innovating and presenting the latest developments in exhibition stand design and build for our customers. ¡Don’t miss it!

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