3 May 2019

How to use Technology in Exhibition Stand Design and Build

3 May 2019

We live in a world that makes progress so quickly that usually it is impossible to follow the latest news that keep appearing day after day. Technology is an essential part of our daily lives and applies to all areas, including the design and assembly of stands. From Mac Group, as professional stand builders, we would like to introduce some of the latest technology applications for exhibition stand design and build. Discover them!

In  the world of congresses and fairs everything goes so fast.  The companies use the occasion to show their brand to the world by presenting the latest innovations they have carried out and the most modern products or services they offer. The market is highly competitive and to stand out from the other companies be able to anticipate changes and be prepared to surprise your customers. In Mac Group, as professional exhibition stand builders we know that and we would like to help you by introducing technological innovations in your exhibition stand design and build. Let’s check some of them!

Battery station

It’s something annoying but it happens sometimes, you’re in the middle of something and suddenly you run out of battery. For those moments when you need a place to charge your cell phone any help is useful. As professional stand builders, if we decide to incorporate a service of charging batteries and mobile devices to our exhibition stand design, we are giving a quick and comfortable solution for our customers, as well as giving them the opportunity to spend some time at our booth and know us better. That’s an easy way of generating positive feelings towards our brand and, why not, helping our client by the way!

Sustainable solutions

We live in a society that is aware of the need of create an eco-friendly, sustainable environment, respectful our planet. Hopefully we can use technology as an alternative  and replace traditional paper brochures, which are usually expensive and end up being discarded, for monitors and modern digital screens.

By choosing this kind of devices we immediately give a better appearance to our exhibition stand design being more innovative, but we will also offer a clearer aesthetic to our exhibition stand design and build. In addition, this kind of technology will allow us to change the messages of the screen according to our needs, assuming the minimal maintenance and providing a very positive image. As stand builders in Mac Group we believe that this solution are definitely the future.

In our experience, we have used screens in so many ways, by putting our most creative spirit in the exhibition stand design and build as we did for the Vodafone booth during the last edition of the Mobile World Congress 2019.

Mobile apps

Now a days there is an app for anything we can imagine. It is inconceivable to think about our daily routine without using different applications that make our lives easier and smoother. In the twenty first century everything you need is in your hand. Creating an application for our stand is a good way to make exhibition stand design and build more dynamic and interactive. Additionally, it allows let your customers interact and be an active part of our brand by involving themselves in our exhibition stand design. Creating a QR Code allows you to download any type of document, generate surveys, make virtual tours and endless possibilities. We must also think that for our clients it can be much more attractive to visit the space with freedom and discover by themselves what our company can offer.


In 2019 Artificial Intelligence is an active part of our lives and it makes our lives easier in some ways, so why not make us of it as stand builders? Using an AI with a system like the well-known Siri, Alexa, Cortana or Google Assistant can help us gather information and data from our clients, thus obtaining some details that will facilitate the connection between the company and our customers, also giving a personalized service and a well oriented assistance.

Virtual reality

Now a days, a lot of fairs and events (whether they are specifically technological or not) have decided to adapt their exhibition stand design and build to a virtual reality system, linking their brand with their customers and offering a different new experience. It can be a great opportunity to a company because you can show your product or service through a simulation that will stay in the mind of the person who’s trying it.  In addition, if we add this element to the exhibition stand design and build we will stand out from other booths and brands. This technology is probably one of the most dynamic and fun ones!


The time of paper and posters is already behind. We won’t have any more troubles with “roll-ups” that go away flying with the wind. Say goodbye to brochures that will end up in the closest bin and say welcome to the screen age! There are many kinds: informative, interactive, tactile and many others with multiple characteristics, sizes and shapes. Increasingly, the possibilities of incorporating audiovisual elements are expanding in the exhibition stand design and build area. In a world where holograms are a reality and artificial intelligence coexists with humans, there are digital artists (@Lil Miquela) and we can have conversations with robots (Sofia) so we should face that it is becoming easier to integrate this kind of technologies and robotics in our lives, and consequently into the exhibition stand design and build.

At this point we realize that the possibilities offered by technology as stand builders are unlimited, but well, as professional exhibition stand builders how can we add all this technology in exhibition stand design and build easily without investing too much? Don’t worry much about it, we are here to help you…



How to add technology to the exhibition stand design and build

How can we catch up on the latest technological trends and also find the best way to use them without spending too much? Would it be possible to do this in an economical way? How do we carry out the logistics? And what about the installation, will it be so complicated? The truth is that working with technology is more complex and sophisticated than doing it with traditional elements, so professional exhibition stand builders we always recommend you to take the advice of professionals.

We live in the XXI century, the era of information and technology and fortunately  we have specialized companies that are able to manage all these developments and having all the traditional solutions under control, such as painting, vinyl, lighting, metalwork, carpentry, etc. In Mac Group stands we bet to continue improving and being innovative as professional stand builders, that’s the reason why we offer give advice and information about the latest tech solutions. We prepare a quotation for each project depending on our customer needs and we always offer a wide range of possibilities. The only effort that our clients have to make is to choose which solution they prefer and leave everything in our hands.

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