7 November 2018

Exhibition stand builders in Barcelona: congresses, events and fairs

7 November 2018

The work and challenges of stand builders has increased considerably during the last years, especially in the city of Barcelona, ​​which has been strategically placed as one of the world capitals for congresses and international events. As professional stand builders in this city, in Mac Group Stands & Events we celebrate the good news and we hope that this trend continues growing and the city of Barcelona keeps increasing in international relevance in this field.

Stands and Events

According to the data, Barcelona hosted 195 congresses last year, in 2017. The spectacular number raised Barcelona to be the top one of the list of international congresses and events city leaders. The exhibition stand design and build plays, in this sector, an essential and very important role. According to statistics, in 2016 Barcelona was already occupying the third position, right behind Paris and Vienna. The good news is that the outlook for the coming years is equally optimistic and it is expected that international events, fairs and world congresses are going to continue increasing considerably. We have enough reasons to think that Barcelona can maintain its leadership in this area, and this means a great opportunity for professional stand builders too.


The exhibition stand design and build for fairs is, therefore, a booming market in which it is worth investing. Above all, it is important for a company to choose the right stand builders in Barcelona to stand out from the rest in this kind of international fairs. We should remember that the stand design and build can be the element that makes the difference between a good and a bad branding strategy, and building a demanding corporate image requires creativity, commitment, quality and professionalism. As experienced stand builders for more than 25 years in Barcelona, in Mac Group we know how this growing sector works and we know exactly how to take advantage and achieve goals and opportunities.

The growth of this phenomenon affects the city of Barcelona not only in terms of fairs and events, but also implies a growing increase of tourism, ​​as well as the development of infrastructures necessary to accommodate them. The development of this area goes far beyond factors strictly related to it, such as stand builders, but it goes through the way of building, living and thinking about the future of Barcelona and its citizens. Barcelona is considered one of the most important cities in this area, not only by international companies but also among private visitors and those who, from a professional perspective, are responsible of bringing congresses and meetings to the city.

In this sense, the work carried out for many years by Fira de Barcelona and Barcelona Turisme is admirable, because by proclaiming the touristic potential of the city they have achieved an incomparable degree of excellence. Barcelona has historically been a city open to all kind of congresses and it has a centennial tradition, with historical milestones such as the Universal Exhibition of 1888 and the International Exhibition of 1929. It is clear that we can’t speak of stand builders in the strict sense of the term when we go back to the past, but it is also true that we can mention the pavilions or temporary architectural structures that were very similar in their function to the design and stands build of the contemporary era. Even during the end of the 20th century in Barcelona, ​​a large publicity campaign was held as a “place for fairs and congresses” that later culminated with the 1992 Olympic Games, giving to Barcelona an extraordinary boost. One can consider this moment the birth of stand builders and contemporary stand design as we know it today. The work that is done from Barcelona, ​​not only at an institutional sphere but also at a business and social level, is done with the aim of facilitating the access and the celebration of this kind of events, with all the benefits that it brings. In the field of stand builders, many professionals such as the Mac Group Stands & Events team work daily to give improve this kind of initiative and expand our horizons. It is not only about attracting the celebration of new fairs and events, dedicating us to stand designs for fairs, but also working hard to maintain a very high level of excellence and export a global image of professionalism and demand.

Stands in Barcelona

 There are so many fairs and events that have taken the decision of moving their headquarters to the Catalan capital because Barcelona has a set of amenities and services that few cities can offer. The exhibition stand builders, fairs and events in Barcelona are carried out under the parameters of quality and excellence, due to many factors that help to get an optimal work in the city.

But what if we go further and ask ourselves, why does any international company choose Barcelona to have presence in? Which are the reasons for moving those international fairs and events to the city?

¿Why does any international company choose Barcelona as a permanent headquarter?

Well, there are many diverse reasons that don’t only concern the quality of the offer in the construction of stands for specific fairs, but many other factors, and obviously all of them generate a millionaire economic impact for the benefit of the city. As professional stand builders  Barcelona based we know that.


First, Barcelona is a dynamic city and is constantly growing. This allows international fairs, events and congresses to grow and it helps to increase the number of exhibitors and visitors, thus increasing the capacity and importance of the events. For a fair with a high growth rate, and for the stand builders sector in Barcelona, ​​a city as prepared as this one is very attractive when we value the infrastructures, offering spaces and fairgrounds that let the companies expand and increase the number of pavilions in their exhibition.

When choosing a city, several criteria can be considered: the size of thevenue, the capacity of hotels to accommodate international visitors, the ease of mobility and urban connections, the quality and proximity of airports, etc. For international congresses these factors are essential when they are planning to place strategically a congress in a city, even more so when it comes to annual events. As professionals stand builders we know the benefits that the city offers and we consider that Barcelona has many of these requirements as those responsible for the fairs that decide to settle here do.

Barcelona is a vibrant city, which brings together history and experience, but also progresses and develops itself constantly, always offering new things to visit and do. As expert stand builders established in Barcelona we know that this can be an additional value highly appreciated internationally. When a fair or event is set up here, many factors are taken in consideration, not only the characteristics of the venue or the space of the congress but also the cost of the trip to the place of the congress, the price of mobility for the city, the cost of accommodation and especially the entertainment opportunities that it can offer. Barcelona stands out in many – if not all – of these aspects, both for the gastronomic offer as well as for the accommodation, as entertainment and easy mobility. Obviously, the quality involving exhibition stands design and build is the most demanding. That’s the reason why lots of international congresses as important as the Mobile World Congress have chosen Barcelona for placing their events annually.

Usually, international congresses have a great future projection and go beyond the fair itself. Some of them try to interact actively with the city life and with the citizens, organizing events or placing their fair stands at other strategic points, making all kinds of facilities including events such as mapping projections in buildings and many other projects.

The aim of this expansion, which goes beyond the exhibition design and stand builders, is to make impact in the citizen’s life’s and in some way to involve them in the event. Although the event is basically business, it is possible to take the life of the city, in a more natural way.


Barcelona, ​​Smart City

One of the reasons why the fairs decide to move to Barcelona ​​is the ecosystem of startups, which also affects to the stand builders business in some way. Barcelona is one of the “Smartest” cities in the world, and it is so advanced in terms of startups and smart buildins, which always helps Barcelona when it comes to choosing a venue on it.

As we have said before, from Barcelona we are working so hard to attract companies with a technological profile. In the stand builders bussiness we receive a large number of projects related to this field. From Mac Group Stands & Events we celebrate the positive evolution of this sector, we encourage the companies to choose Barcelona as a headquarter for their events and we are prepared to continue growing. Our team of professionals works hard every day to exceed the expectations of our customers and everything works in the best way possible. That is why we have been stand builders in Barcelona for more than 25 years, and we continue achieving our goals!


Over 20 years creating stands from Barcelona

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