20 December 2019

Exhibition Stands&Events. Tips for success

20 December 2019

We live in the XXI century, an historical moment when human beings respond to a multitude of stimuli all the time. On average, anyone living in a developed city receives between 3,000 and 5,000 advertising inputs every day, plus the exceptional events such as fairs and events where the impact is much bigger. How can we offer a different experience to our customers in front of this multitude of inputs? How can we highlight and provide an image which shows in an attractive way our brand? In this post we will give you some keys to succeed in the exhibition stand design and build. Keep reading!

How can we give a different experience considering this multitude of inputs?


1. Set the goals

Before we start to work in exhibition stand design and build we always recommend to fix our objectives. Knowing what we want will help us to save time and it will facilitate exhibition stand builders work. If we know exactly what we want to achieve and we have a clear message to give to our customers, it will be much easier to reach them.

We can work in spectacular exhibition stand design and build, but if we can’t show transfer the values ​​of our company or show the details of the product or service that present the whole work doesn’t make any sense. As exhibition stand builders  we always recommend to keep in mind what is our objective and focus on that.

To achieve our goals as exhibition stand builders it is essential to create a complete briefing to begin. Here is were we will establish all our needs and requirements to create a successful exhibition stand design and build.

2. Exhibition stand designers of space

As professional exhibition stand builders we are used to work in the most important exhibitions, trade shows and fairs where many companies and brands have a limited space to present themselves. For the exhibition stand design and build it is very important to consider the space we have and make the most of it.

We know some keys to make the space profitable using available resources such as furniture, a correct layout of the elements and a creative spatial division. Improving the visualization area and arranging the elements strategically will make the visitor want to spend more time in our exhibition stand, for this reason we should avoid any visual obstacle or physical barrier in our exhibition stand design and build, especially in the access area.

Another trick that will use to create a diaphanous space is keeping the meeting rooms lumped toghethr in the back area, getting a quiet and welcoming area on the entrance. The effectiveness of the exhibition stand design and build at this point is so delicate that we should take  precise measurements and we study several provisions until we find the most appropriate one.

3. Private areas

We all know that the meeting rooms are an especially important space for brands, since that is the place where we can talk with customers face to face. The good exhibition stand design and build depends a lot on the correct distribution of the meeting rooms, their size and their particularities. Our goal should be to make the clients feel comfortable and to  create a space of trust and privacy, that’s why professional exhibition stand builders we will choose each element one by one: bigtables, comfortable chairs, large screens, air conditioning and heating, adjustable lighting , etc.

4. Exhibition stand design and graphs

Exhibition stand design and build is a process with several phases and one of the most important part is setting the diverse texts and graphics. Finally, when all the structural elements are well disposed is when exhibition stand builders and the clients will choose which are the essential graphs and which ones are not necessary anymore.

When we prepare the graphic for exhibition stand design and build it is important to keep in mind that briefness is the key of success. We must avoid using long sentences that could make the visitor get tired of reading. On the other hand, it’s much better to give a direct and simple message that keeps the visitor’s attention. It is also important to use short sentences that the public can remember and associate with our brand. These marketing strategies are simple, but at the same time very effective when we start working in exhibition stand design and build.

The placement of the texts is also important. We must guarantee that the font, color and size of the letters are large enough to be seen at a distance. It is also essential for a good exhibition stand design and build that the text is legible, as well as the placement of it in an area that is accessible to the visitor’s eyees and that is not covered by any other element.

Including images will also help us catch the visitor’s attention and help us communicate a tough message or idea in a small space, quickly and effectively. We must keep in mind that, with exhibition stand design and build, the faster we can show a product or concept, the better. Don’t forget that the visitor needs quick inputs to get interested in our company.

5. Lights

Without any doubt, an element that makes the difference for exhibition stand builders is the light effect that plays an essential role in exhibtion stand design and build. The light design can improve the appearance of the stand if it’s used correctly and it can help exhibiton stand builders to create different environments. Grading the intensity of light, warmth and the kind of installation that we show are the main factors that can help stand builders to make the difference.

All professional exhibition stand builders also recommend to consider additional lighting, not only using the trade fair lights because usually they are powerful lights that iluminate the space in a flat way, without focusing in any concrete element. We also recommend using light to emphasize the details and exhibition stand design that we want to highlight. Spot lights, high lights and light bulbs are also a great solution to emphasize certain areas of the exhibition stand design and build, especially if we are presenting a new product.

Exhibition Gartner

There are many other elements that can help us to improve exhibition stand design and build such as choosing different materials, the use of technology, VIP areas and many other improvements that can be added. We will talk about all these elements in ournext post … Stay tunned!

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