30 May 2019

Evolution of exhibition stands, events & fairs




30 May 2019

In the age of international exchange, it’s no surprise that trade fairs are one of the more effective ways to launch projects, to disseminate information about products and services and more importantly, to establish business ties among various entrepreneurs and professionals across different industries. As professional exhibition stand builders we know that well.


A previous study states that 80% of companies believe that fairs are not only as effective as direct sales in terms of closing sales transactions but as well as the best venues to discuss trends, innovation as well as future ventures. Because of this reason we think that companies should take special care in choosing the exhibition stand design and build.


A big part of the success of the trade fair culture is attributed to exhibition stand builders which serve as first-hand tools upon which participants can communicate to its audience. That being said, exhibition stand design have been an inseparable part of the trade fair culture and of its history. They have come a long way from the humble bazaars of ancient middle east, to the open market fairs of the merchant capitalism of medieval Europe, to the not-so-long-ago standard modular systems, up until today´s more dynamic, interactive and custom design stands.


Universal and International Exhibitions


Stand for Google, 2018 (Gartner)


Stand for Microsoft, 2018 (Web Summit)
But what influenced this dramatic evolution? As exhibition stand builders we know that the trade fair culture has become a dynamic industry that continues to change due significant factors and thus have also shaped the typology of stands over the years.


With the dawning of advanced technical drawing and design tools such as Computer Aided Design (CAD), photo-editing and 3D software, exhibition stand builders have realized that the design work has become relatively easier to design as well as to visualize. Likewise, with modern forms of production and construction, the structural component, materials, fixtures and even furniture have become more flexible, lightweight, custom-made and are easier to assemble within a limited period. Moreover, the development of media and audio-visual technology have transformed the simple print material into more interactive and multi-sensory displays in the exhibition stand design builders area.

Market demands

With international exchange increasingly becoming viable, the supply and demand from various industries – exhibition stand design builders between them –  for the exchange of goods, sharing of information and promotion of products and services have likewise increased. Thus, exhibition stand design and build has kept up to this pace and has evolved from being exhibits and displays to multi-functional real-time and interactive spaces.

Stand forHP Inc. 2019 (Mobile World Congress)

Social evolution

A massive social revolution has also influenced the trade fair culture and the evolution of exhibition stand builders. Social media, budget travel and mobility of goods have broadened the reach of trade fairs and are now held internationally in various key cities from across the globe. Additionally, due to the same social media and travel revolution, the conceptualization, design, management and even exhibition stand design and build, down to the exhibition can pull-together a diverse group of individuals from different geographic locations. Thus, the design, production and management process have become more participative and inclusive into the exhibition stand builders field. Lastly, a heightened social and environmental awareness in the society have also influenced how stands incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly approaches.

Specialisation and the format of trade fairs

The way the specialization and format have changed over the years also contributed to the evolution of the work for exhibition stand builders. Some are specialised; others general. Some are an industry-focused; others are consumer-focused. There are also local or international fairs. Some are aimed at buyers, others at sellers. Thus, exhibition stand design and build has evolved to be multifunctional and allow both exhibitors and visitors to realise many objectives at one time and in one place.

Modern marketing strategies have also strengthened the importance of image and identity and thus have put more emphasis on design and various forms of media. They also often involve a considerable marketing investment where participating companies have allotted costs for space rental, design and construction, telecommunications and networking, travel, accommodations, and promotional materials for the attendees. We can notice that even in the exhibition stand builders area. In addition, costs are incurred at the show for services such as utilities, booth cleaning and internet services. Exhibitors attending the event are required to use an exhibitor manual or online exhibitor manual to order their required services and complete any necessary paperwork such as health and safety declarations.

What should we do

to keep at pace with changes?

Exhibition stand builders and the way they design and build stands, constructed and managed should combine commercial tradition with innovation as well as competitiveness and technological development to be able to face the challenges of globalisation and anticipate the changes in the market. In a time where change is the new permanent, flexibility and innovation are key.  That’s the reason why in MAC Group we work hard for developing ourselves and our client’s brand & companies throug exhibition stand design and build.



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