31 January 2020

Exhibition stand builders working step by step

31 January 2020
Exhibiton stand design and build Barcelona

If you are planning to attend to an exhibition or fair, as an exhibitor, you should better excel. The better way to do it is through a good exhibition stand design and build. This kind of events are an open window that shows a world full of possibilities for exhibition stand builders. Therefore, to create a competitve exhibition stand design and build is as important as having a good marketing strategy.

A good marketing strategy is the key for exhibition stand builders in order to stand out.

The most visibility we get, the better positioned we will be in a trade show. If we are visible, we can show better our products and we will get to more people. In other words, our aim is to highlight our brand and stand out with as exhibition stand builders. We want to remain in the memories of our visitors. This is the most creative part of the exhbition stand builders work. It has to be done considering the real possibilities of exhibition stand design and build (budget, logistics, materials…). In other words, the most important part for exhibition stand builders is to be realistic.

We know that isn’t easy for exhibition stand builders to meet all the expectations. Therefore, we’ll give you some guidelines to succeed. There we go!


Exhibition stand design

¿How to be efficient exhibition stand builders?

All the professionals of the exhibition stand design and build sector should know that doing an excellent exhibition stand design needs a lot of creativity. Above all, we also know that, between the first idea until we reach the final result, there can be a lot of variations for exhibition stand builders.

The first step of the process starts with creative process. This phase goes through each of the steps that we’ll see. It’s essential to be imaginative and innovative, but we have to remain realistic (don’t forget it). We also should adapt ourselves to the budget and resources we have. Especially, we should adapt the exhibition stand design to the real possibilities we have.

Briefing for the exhibition stand design

For instance, the first thing we should consider as exhibition stand bulders is the briefing. Consequently, in this paper we will find all the details about the stand exhibition design. On the other side, this document is made by our client and the requirements can change depending on the tradeshow or fair. It’s important to know the venue and its normative in aim to meet the expectations.

Our client should give all the necessary information in order to create the perfect exhibition stand design for the brand. To accomplish that, exhibition stand builders need the whole corporate information about the product and the company. Futhermore, we also need concrete details about the venue, the location, the dates and the budget.

Once we have all this data, it’s time to be creative and put all the ideas in common. In conclusion, the brainstorming can be so inspiring and change completely the exhibition stand design and build.

Considering all this it’s time to be creative! Exhibition stand builders should take all their available tools and put them toghether. After that, we0’ll realize which are the solutions really working in exhibition stand design. Therefore, we’ll notice which options we should discard. Once the selection is done, exhibition stand builders should draw the sketches and designs, made ideally in 3D. At this point is when the exhibition stand builders team stands up and when de technicians can shine. The greatest exhibiton stand design projects materialize in excellent results when we move to the building process.

Great ideas are useful to show different proposals of exhibiton stand design, creative and shocking.

Exhibition stands design

Exhibition stand design proposal

Alright, so now that we’ve already studied the briefing, we are getting into a more specific phase. Here we’ll get the precise instructions of what the client wants. At the exhibition stand design proposal we’ll put all the information about the space distribution, furniture, graphic elements, materials and other details. So, depending on the requirements, exhibition stand builders will create one kind of stand or another one, adapting it to the brand’s goals.


Vodafone Mobile World Congress

Presentation of the Exhibition stand desing

Once we’ve drawn the thechnical design, the exhibition stand builders team should share it with the client, with the aim of improving the final result. In this phase, we’ll do the necessary changes, because this is when exhibiton stand builders bring to life the idea. In addition, the team will listen to the client’s suggestions and will give alternatives based on their needs.

Google Web Summit Exhibition design and build

Exhibition stand design approval

Here we are! Once the project is definitely approved it’s time to start planning the production. Exhibition stand builders should consider the fabrication and building stages, logistics and deadlines. After that, we get to a phase that is essential for developing the exhibition stand design and build project without problems. Also for fulfill the quality standards.

However, we are aware of the difficulties we can find once the project is approved. Similary, exhibition stand design can suffer slight changes from its first version. Nevertheless, these are regular issues that exhibition stand professionals expect. Considering that exhibiton stand builders have to be ready to any setback, we also should bring up quick solutions.

Mobile World Congress fair stand design

Exhibition stand development

At this point, it’s highly important to respect the original design, in order to materialise it and turn it into something concrete. This only can be done by exhibition stand builders. Therefore, the Project Manager works hand by hand with professionals of exhibition stand design, who has conceptualized the architecture to make it possible.

Avobe all, project management is about coordinating the multiple working processes of each element that make up exhibition stand design. We should keep in mind that there are much specialists that belong to this process: metalworkers, carpenters, graphic designers, gaffers, electricians, etc.

In spite of what it seems, it’s not easy at all to produce all the elements we need, in the settled terms and fitting the budget. Here’s where the exhibition stand builder’s work stands out.

Exhibiton stand design and build

Exhibition stand builders

Everything’s ready. Once the manufacturing process is over and we have checked that the samples and tests were the right ones, we have to move to the venue. For some days we’ll change the office for a fair and this is where the building process begins.

We put on our safety boots, helmets and reflective vests. The show must go on!


Exhibition stand builders

Morover, here is where we really demostrate that exhibition stand design was everything it promissed, being spectacular and constructible at the same time. Futher, as all exhibition stand builders know, the construction process is short but intense.


As all exhibition stand builders know, the construction process is short but intense.

In a couple of days, exhibition stand builders are capable of raising walls, creating floating structures, galleries, halls and meeting rooms. We decorate the stand with furniture, we paint it and we dress it with natural plants. Then, we put the graphics and the lights, on different locations depending on the exhibition stand design. After that, we add special elements or spectacular components. Finally, we incorporate AV and technological elements. Then, we give the final touch and… we are ready for the opening!

The end of exhibition stand design process

It’s almost done! Everything has to be ready on time, due to the openings doesn’t wait. We give the last retouch, we move away the protective plastics and ¡There it is!, we end the turnkey process.

During the exhibition design and build process, the only worry that our client has to carry is waiting until the opening day. All the resposabilities are taken over by the professional exhibition stand builders team behind it, so the client doesn’t have to concern about anything.

In conclusion, if the result is the aimed, we’ll see what we’ve planned in the exhibition stand design of the begining. In case this happens, we can consider that the work has been a success. The main key to know if we’ve succeed consists in knowing if the client is satisfied with the result. At MAC Group, we have such a great exhibition stand builders team that most of our clients choose us year after year! We carry out with the development of the exhibition stand design and build process until we deliver it.

Stand design and build

We love what we do. Of course, we love being exhibition stand builders.

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