How do we do it?

We make the most complex projects seem easy, with a method based on our experience and establishing a direct and transparent dialogue with our clients.


We thoroughly review the design of the project, its technical requirements and constructive feasibility and compliance with regulations. We provide technical solutions and improvements in order to make the most of the budget available for each project.


Our Project Manager centralises all the information and coordinates the project, updating the client on new developments at all times.


We bring to life the ideas of your designers to obtain the maximum efficiency and optimisation of resources and timelines.


We objectively analyse the final result of the project through quality questionnaires that we share with our clients in order to improve and assess whether we have met their expectations.

Our strategy

Through a sequenced process we control each step to the finest detail so that our clients can leave everything in our hands.

1. Evaluation of the design

We technically evaluate the design provided by the client.
We discuss the internal aspects providing the necessary solutions.

2. Budget

We carry out a thorough budget breakdown giving to the clients a total control of the budget, so they can manage and choose between different options and technical solutions.

3. Executive project

Our architects and industrial designers carry out all the construction plans of the executive project.
We ensure the correct construction of the design, giving the best solutions and providing real samples of textures, colors, models, finishes and pre-assemblies.

4. Production

We build all the elements under the supervision of our Project Managers guaranteeing a perfect finish and meeting the pre-arranged timelines.

5. Assemble

We carry out and coordinate the assembly of all the equipment and materials that are part of the project, whether they are our own, from the client or other collaborators.

6. Delivery

We guarantee the delivery of the projects within the pre-agreed timelines.

7. Assistance

We offer assistance to the stands throughout the course of the event or the fair.

8. Disassemble

We coordinate the logistics with the management of the fair and with the different participants involved in the project.

9. Storage

We store the materials and furniture that can be used in future events.

What makes us different?

Quality, efficiency, trust and internationality are the values on which we have created our own philosophy and what makes us unique.

  1. We seek excellence in client service and in the construction of the stands thus ensuring a flawless end-product.
  2. We make a commitment to our clients and their projects because we know it is essential to meet their expectations.
  3. We guarantee a tailor-made service, offering comprehensive management from start to finish and with the ability to react in real-time to propose solutions to our clients.
  4. We act responsibly, coherently and proactively to create long-term relationships.
  5. Our experience and flexibility make us an international benchmark in the sector; having our own team assures that we have full control of the project.